parking made easy
in the city centre of Turku


The parking is entered from Yliopistonkatu when approaching the Market square from the East. 

Spacious angle parking and one way lanes make the parking experience pleasant and safe. 

The parking facility uses a camera recognition system for registration numbers and is completely ticketless.  Parking fee payments can be made using the mobile phone Moovy App or as card payments at the checkout kiosks. Starting from 3.5.2023 payments can also be made using the ParkMan App.

20 electric charging points

Electric charging points are found on the wall of the Yliopistonkatu side on the upper parking level (K1). On the lower level (K2) they are situatied on the wall of the Eerikinkatu side. Rates for charging are set by Turku Energia in their Virta App. The application is required for charging. 


HOURS 06-22

HOURS 22-06 0,5 € /h

A DAY (24h) 24 €

contract parking


Maximum height

charging points

BOX BOX car wash

angle parking

Excellent location
in the city centER

car wash

20 charging points

photos from the parking facility