Walking routes

Staircase A leads to Aurakatu and Hansa shopping centre, whereas B takes you to the corner of Wiklund and Hamburger Börs and towards the library. The C staircase leads pedestrians to the Yliopistonkatu - Kauppiaskatu crossing. The Market square is entered from all the staircases. All three staircases are equipped with elevators and are suitable for disabled persons. A normal parking fee is charged for disabled parking and the spacious parking spaces are painted with blue colour in the vicinity of all staircase entries.

pedestrian Accessibility

Doors leading to the parking facility staricases are locked for safety reasons during nighttime from 10 PM to 7 AM. Parking levels are accessed using a 4-digit PIN code at the door or by contacting the service desk by phone on the number (03) 3878 222. The PIN code is found in the Moovy App. In the case of no application please call the service desk.

ALL disorderly conduct IS FORBIDDEN

A recording camera surveillance system is in place and all disorderly conduct will be reported. It is strictly forbidden to ride electrical scooters within the parking facility.


Toriparkki is a zero energy parking facility. The parking facility produces all the heating energy it consumes.
The Toriparkki energy system utilises solar thermal energy, which is absorbed via piping installations next to the surface on
the Market square.

Electric vehicle charging points

Electric charging points are found on the wall of the Yliopistonkatu side on the upper parking level (K1). On the lower level (K2) they are situated on the wall of the Eerikinkatu side. Rates for charging are set by Turku Energia in their Virta App. 
The application is required for charging. 
Click the button below for charging availability by Virta: (use the map to find Turun Toriparkki K1 or K2)